I'm Adj and Travers & Brown photography was created from my passion for photography (obsessively spanning all types and eras of cameras and print processes) combined with my extensive experience of the wedding industry.

I love taking pictures and if you ask my wife she'll tell you I own far too many cameras.
I primarily shoot digital, but always have a selection of different film cameras in my bag, just in case the mood takes me.

I am a strong believer that your wedding should be about you and your enjoyment of the day, and as such I believe in capturing your days events as and when they happen.

I live by the sea in Cornwall, but love to travel.

Although weddings are a big part of my working life, I also have a successful commercial photography business under the name Adj Brown.

If you're after a family shoot or are down in the South West on holiday, I am also the man behind the camera for The Family Postcard.

You can also keep up to date with what i'm up to via -

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